Five Loaves

We want the Irvine Rock to be your home away from home. But how can it be a home without a warm home-cooked meal? The 5 Loaves restaurant at the Rock makes everything by hand using only the freshest ingredients just like mom. Every meal is prepared based on years of experience. Before a meal was even considered, there were tastings to make sure that what we were presenting was perfect in Christ. Wholesome quality.

Years of experience went into designing the kitchen, and years of experience went into developing the menu. The general belief is, if we can not make it ourselves, we will not offer it. 5 Loaves is committed to providing a fresh quality meal every time, not just some warmed up packaged item. Come and enjoy a meal with us, then afterwards enjoy our other amenities. Home away from home.

The Bike Place

Nestled inside the belly of the Rock is a place where the family can rest, study, watch events and relax. Offering a variety of drinks, the Bike Place is designed around the needs of our active lives. Grab and go, order and sit, or stay and study. The motto of this enclave area is “Finish the Race”. With bicycles the theme. It promotes an active life, a sense of endurance and a reminder that life is a race to the finish line – with Christ.

Serving a variety of drinks: such as coffee-based, tea-based, and smoothies, you have found a place to stop, have a drink and regain the energy you need to “finish the race.”

Offices, Classrooms and Conference Areas

The Irvine Rock academic section is fitted with a high-end modular office and conference room facility. Ideal for conferences, meetings, educational classes, workshops and growth sessions. With large offices, modern furniture, easy-access T1 wifi capacity, and hook ups for presentations; each room is designed to accommodate large and small crowds, with multiple areas for break-out sessions.

The Irvine Rock Community Center is dedicated to creating a safe and clean environment for all our patrons who want to make a sophisticated and fancy presentation. Easily accessible and ready to serve.

Fitness Facility

The Irvine Rock Community Center offers a full size gym for exercise and workouts. With our generous hours of open time, the gym is available for use from 7am to 11pm at night – regardless of open court times or if the court is in a rental. In addition, the Rock Academy offers a variety of fitness and diet training and competitions to help motivate you. The Rock gym includes modern treadmills, stationary bicycles and a full weight lifting system for those of us that are just trying to get fit.

Indoor and Outdoor Courts

The IRCC offers one of the largest and most advanced indoor air-conditioned courses in the south county. Not just regulation basketball, but volleyball and soccer as well. The court offers an advanced padding that does not hinder playing, but reduces some of the damaging impact of concrete-based playing can have on the human body. The IRCC offers both drinking fountains and water-bottle filling stations available.