About Us

Located in a 14,000 square foot facility in Irvine near the intersection of Wrigley and Muirlands, the Irvine Rock Community Center is a Christian based community center which helps unify the community of Irvine and the Coptic church congregation in sports, education and recreation. Our programs and services celebrate family, foster health and well-being, embrace tradition, create friendships, and expand cultural horizons, all in a safe, positive, friendly and inviting environment designed to fulfill the mission and vision of the church, “presenting everyone perfect in Christ”, (Col 1:28). The Irvine Rock Community Center creates programs and services that aim to challenge your body, spark your intellect, kindle your spirit, and brighten your life. We invite you to connect with the community and friends in our beautiful facility.


At its core, the Irvine Rock Community Center was created as a haven for our families, all our families. Designed to provide a space for the young to the old. A place to sit, talk and meet. A place to come and learn, listen and share. A place to come and play, compete and train. A place to know yourself as well as others.

A house united.

To Gather

Designed to gather all God’s children into a place where we can all feel at home, the IRCC is your home away from home. Where we gather to play and pray together. A place that promotes growth through a spiritually-guided doctrine of balanced wellness of body, mind and spirit.

To Gain

The IRCC is place to meet friends and gain new friends. To share knowledge and gain new knowledge. To celebrate life together and gain a greater sense of joy and warmth of HIs great love for us all. As we grow together, we gain together. Sharing this beautiful gift of life as One body.

To Give

Born from a spirit to give back to our community, the IRCC allows us all a chance to give to each other. To share in friendship and kinship, a oneness that we all need each other to grow, learn and prosper. “In my Father’s house are many mansions..” So come and see.


“Presenting everyone perfect in Christ Jesus” Co 1:28


Transforming Passive Spectators in to Active Participants in Christ